CircleSong Workshops

Learned from the innovative, improvisational Bobby McFerrin!

These workshops are for the professional who wants to explore a different part of their vocal mind,  as well as the brave newbie who understands the value of singing and wants to go deeper! Join us for a fun-filled workshop and explore your inner performer! CircleSong workshops are spontaneous and improvised – no two are ever the same!

You don’t need to know the words, you just need to be willing!

A CircleSong is…

  • a group meditation, a chance to commune and create music with like-minded people
  • explorations that challenge your creative skills
  • a powerful community builder that taps the natural singer in all of us.

Vocal Poise and Power

Calling all aspiring jazz vocalists who want to:

  • learn exercises to strengthen and support your instrument
  • find your ‘swing’
  • build your song list
  • create a good set and more!

Vocal Poise and Power helps you put all the pieces together so when you step in front of the mic, you have the confidence, knowledge and skills to sing with freedom.

Looking for the perfect team building workshop or addition to your event?